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Why ThinkPad?

I recently picked up a new laptop, after much consideration and specs comparing I decided to go in for a ThinkPad. The biggest reasons I opted to go in for a ThinkPad are because of reliability, well taken care of ThinkPads are known to last extremely long. ThinkPads are also well suited devices to run Linux distros on.

This guide will specifically go over my experience setting up Debian on a ThinkPad e14. The basic specs of the model I will be using are,

Why Debian?

I personally believe Debian brings about a certain level of stability to…

Originally published at https://pranavc.tech/.


Earlier this year I wanted to get into malware analysis, I prefer learning things hands on so I asked one of my professors to recommend resources that were suitable, he told me to check out Practical Malware Analysis by Andrew Honig & Michael Sikorski.

My Experience

Personally I had a lot of fun with this book, while the book is quite old, I believe the information covered (within the scope of this blog) are foundational and provide a good stepping stone into one’s malware journey.

The book is quite interesting and did deliver in the sense of being…

Originally published at https://pranavc.tech/.

- Introduction

The other day I read a very interesting blog, it showed me how one could potentially encode malicious code within Spotify playlists and run this code using the Spotify API; essentially using Spotify as a CDN. I found this very interesting and since the blog did not feature a fully implemented PoC I decided to make my own.

- Purpose

The purpose of this is purely educational and to raise awareness of different attack methods a bad actor may potentially use, I strongly advice against using this code for purposes other than those intended.

- How it works

Generating Payload

The data here is…

Originally published at https://pranavc.tech/.

- What is Hugo?

Hugo is an open source static site generator that helps one build fast and flexbile websites.

The reason I have picked Hugo to build this site is because with a well understanding of the framework and theme it is very easy to push out new static pages, this would be suitable for blogs. Hugo also has integration with netlify making it easy to deploy the site too.


The theme I have chosen to modify and work off of is uBlogger, I found this to be a good mix between stylish and simple.

- Using Hugo

Starting Fresh

Using Hugo is rather…

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